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Carlsbad Bus Accident Lawyer

Many residents rely on buses to get to school and work, not to mention to run errands like buying groceries. Other people take a bus as part of a sight-seeing tour or for a special trip. Bus accidents are often dramatic, because many passengers can suffer injuries in one incident. In the legal sphere, we call them “mass accident torts.” Other motorists on the road might also be hurt in a collision, perhaps fatally.

Contact Pursley Law Firm after a bush crash to discuss your available legal options. Our firm has helped many victims put the pieces back together after a bus collision. Our Carlsbad bus accident lawyer is available for a free case evaluation at a convenient time.

A Decade of Experience in Motor Vehicle Accidents

Bus accidents can involve many different types of buses:

  • School buses
  • City buses
  • Charter buses
  • Tourist buses
  • Shuttle buses

After a crash, our firm starts trying to uncover the reason for the collision. Sometimes, a motorist forces a bus off the road or runs into it because the driver was distracted, intoxicated, or careless. But many accidents are caused by the bus driver. This person could engage in certain dangerous driving:

  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Running a red light
  • Failing to yield
  • Changing lanes illegally
  • Texting and driving

Bus drivers can also be fatigued or chemically impaired, which means they are more likely to ignore traffic safety rules. A tired driver might put the bus in motion before everyone is seated.

Seeking Compensation for a Bus Accident

Pursley Law Firm always has our client’s best interests at heart. After reviewing evidence, we can bring a claim against anyone responsible for the crash, including:

  • Other motorists on the road
  • Your bus driver
  • The bus company
  • A school district
  • The transportation district, such as North County Transit District
  • Bus manufacturers

Our clients deserve compensation. The amount you can receive typically depends on the severity of your injuries, whether you are dealing with emotional trauma, and other factors. If the bus driver was drunk, you might seek punitive damages as a form of punishment.

Filing a personal injury claim requires a full grasp of the details of the crash. We want to know what happened in the moments leading up to the collision, which usually means reviewing a police report or internal bus company document. We can also speak to witnesses who observed the crash.

If you are suing a public entity, like a transportation district, you need to meet special requirements. In particular, you only get six months to provide a written notice of your claim. Our law firm knows how to sue the government and its employees, so we ensure that your rights are protected.

Speak with Our Bus Accident Lawyer for More Information

Our law firm never backs down from a challenge. We have the legal resources and skills necessary to hold bus companies responsible when they cause a collision and injure their passengers and others on the road. Call Pursley Law Firm today for a consultation with our Carlsbad bus accident lawyer.

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