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Handling personal injury claims for Carlsbad, Oceanside, San Marcos and beyond.
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Attorney Jared Pursley


$1,000,000 – Our client was climbing down a ladder after he fixed the A/C unit that was located on the roof of his condo. As he was climbing down, the ladder broke causing our client to fall 15-20 feet to the ground. Due to the fall he suffered multiple fractures to his ankle. We were able to quickly find the party responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the ladder and obtain the $1,000,000 insurance policy limits for our client.

$265,000 – Our client slipped and fell at a major-chain grocery store in Orange County. She suffered a fractured patella that required ORIF surgery. The Defendant grocery store initially denied they were liable for our client’s injuries and thus a lawsuit was filed. After written discovery and a few depositions, we were able to settle the case at mediation.

$200,000 – Our client was T-boned by a big box truck as he was traveling through an intersection in Los Angeles. He suffered a rotator cuff tear in his shoulder which required surgery. The Defendant initially denied liability claiming our client ran a red light. A lawsuit was filed and the case was heavily litigated. The Defendant eventually admitted to being 100% at fault for the collision. The case settled at mediation.

$100,000 – Our client was traveling on his motorcycle in Tuolumne County, CA, when he was hit head-on by another motorcycle. Our client suffered a fractured clavicle and fractured left ankle, among other injuries. We were able to quickly obtain the insurance policy limits for our client.

$80,000 – Our client was rear-ended on the highway while traveling through San Bernardino. Due to this auto collision, she re-aggravated a prior neck injury. The Defendant insurance company denied causation claiming that while they admit their insured was at-fault for the collision, the collision did not cause our client’s injuries. A lawsuit was filed and the case was litigated all the way through expert designation. With trial only six weeks away, we were able to persuade the Defendant to settle for a reasonable amount.

$70,000 – Our client was driving in Los Angeles when the Defendant driver pulled his U-Haul out of an alley-way and into the path of our client. Our client suffered injuries to her neck and back. The Defendant insurance carrier initially denied liability stating our client was at-fault for the collision. A lawsuit was filed and after initial discovery was completed we were able to reach a settlement with the Defendants.

$65,000 – Our client was taking a cab home after attending an event at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Upon arriving at his home, a dispute arose with the driver of the cab over the cab fare. The driver of the cab attacked our client – hitting him in the head repeatedly and pepper spraying him. Our client ended up getting two staples in his scalp to treat one of his wounds. The initial offer from the cab company’s insurance carrier was $5,000. A lawsuit was filed and after a year of litigation we were able to reach a settlement with the Defendants.

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