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Handling personal injury claims for Carlsbad, Oceanside, San Marcos and beyond.
Empowering Every Client

to take the best course of action after a serious accident

Attorney Jared Pursley
Carlsbad Personal Injury LawyerCarlsbad Personal Injury

Carlsbad Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents have many unforeseen consequences for those involved. At Pursley Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping our clients obtain meaningful compensation when an accident leaves them with painful bodily injuries. Let our Carlsbad personal injury lawyer discuss your case in a free consultation. It is possible to sue or make an insurance claim against the person who negligently hurt you, but you’ll benefit from our legal experience.

The Personal Injury Claims Process

California personal injury law is based on fault. Someone is responsible for your accident which injured you, and if you can prove fault, then you can request compensation from that person.

Our clients have received money damages for:

  • Medical care for their injuries, such as surgery, rehabilitation, doctor’s appointments, medication, assistive devices, and at-home help. If you have permanent disabilities, you might need medical care for the rest of your life, and the person who injured you should pay for it.
  • Lost income, when our clients cannot immediately return to work after an accident. Someone with disabilities should also request damages for loss of earning capacity.
  • Past and future pain and suffering. Injuries like fractures, concussions, and herniated discs leave victims in a lot of pain. Although money can’t make the pain go away, it does provide a measure of justice.
  • Property damage. Some accidents also damage your property, and the at-fault party should pay to fix or replace it.

After an accident, you should work with your lawyer to gather proof of the full extent of your damages. This means holding onto medical bills, paystubs, car repair bills, and other evidence. You should also document your physical pain and emotional suffering.

We can submit a claim to the defendant’s insurer demanding compensation. And if they refuse to offer a fair amount, we can go into court and sue. We know the law is on our side and use it to your advantage.

Many disputes arise over comparative negligence. In California, both sides could be negligent. A driver who struck you might claim that you cut him off or were jaywalking. Similarly, a dog owner might claim you were harassing a dog when it bit you. Any negligence on your end will reduce your compensation proportionally.

Pursley Law Firm provides invaluable service to our clients, including:

  • Collecting evidence to show fault
  • Filling out insurance forms
  • Answering insurance adjuster questions
  • Staying on top of deadlines to protect your rights
  • Negotiating aggressively with insurance adjusters for fair compensation

You deserve experienced legal help while trying to recover from an accident.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

At Pursley Law Firm, we promise to treat our clients with the compassion and respect you deserve. You are never just a number to us. Instead, we get to know how an accident has affected you in a free consultation, and then we analyze whether you can bring a claim for compensation. If hired, we do everything in our power to get you the money your injuries warrant. Please reach out today to schedule a meeting with our Carlsbad personal injury lawyer.

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