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Carlsbad Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Every year, hundreds of people are injured while working in Carlsbad. They suddenly have medical expenses and probably little money saved to pay for it. Their injuries can also keep them from returning to work, which can strain any family’s finances. Helpfully, California requires that employers buy workers’ compensation insurance, and these policies provide badly-needed benefits to injured workers. If you are struggling to get your application for benefits approved, contact us. Our Carlsbad workers’ compensation lawyer will happily review your case and step in to advocate on your behalf if hired.

Benefits for On-the-Job Injuries

The workers’ compensation system has streamlined the ability of injured workers to receive benefits following an accident. If you are hurt while working, you should qualify. These benefits are no-fault, so it doesn’t matter if your own carelessness contributed to your injuries. You are covered. A person can qualify for workers’ compensation for accidental injuries, occupational illnesses, and slow-developing repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel.

Notify your supervisor as soon as possible after you are hurt. If you are diagnosed with an illness that you believe is related to your work, then notify your employer promptly. Any delay makes it harder to claim benefits. And if you don’t report within 30 days, you can lose out on the right to receive any workers’ compensation.

Injured workers should qualify for:

  • Medical benefits. Your employer should pay for all reasonable and necessary care to treat your injuries or illness. Benefits include surgery, doctor’s visits, specialist appointments, diagnostic tests, medication, and rehabilitation.
  • Mileage reimbursement. You should be paid for travel expenses to receive medical care. This reimbursement can represent quite a bit of money.
  • Temporary disability. If you can’t work due to illness or injury, you can receive a portion of your average weekly wage for up to 104 weeks.
  • Permanent disability. Some injuries never completely improve. Instead, a worker is left with some degree of disability after reaching maximum medical improvement. Permanent disability benefits are paid based on the workers’ degree of impairment. Someone who is 100% disabled qualifies for total permanent disability benefits.
  • Death benefit. Some workplace accidents or illnesses are fatal. A surviving spouse, child, and other dependents can receive burial expenses and a death benefit.

Although these benefits are no fault, some insurers deny claims. They might allege you were hurt outside of work or that the injury was pre-existing.

Other disputes involve your disability rating or whether you are well enough to return to work. Insurance carriers are eager to minimize your injuries so that they can quickly cut off benefits. You should consult an experienced lawyer who is looking out for you.

You Deserve Fair Treatment Following a Workplace Accident

Workers power the Carlsbad economy, and you deserve respect when you suffer a work-related illness or injury. To make sure you get the benefits you deserve, give Pursley Law Firm a call. In a free consultation, we can review your medical records and your recollection of the accident. Our Carlsbad workers’ compensation lawyer is standing by to assist.

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