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Carlsbad Rideshare Accident Lawyer

California is home to many rideshare companies, including well-known giants like Uber and Lyft, but also lesser-known companies. If you were injured in a rideshare accident, then you should hire a personal injury lawyer right away. Negotiating a settlement with a rideshare company’s insurer is often harder than you might expect. Many insurers reject claims, regardless of the facts, and you need a seasoned Carlsbad rideshare accident lawyer to help you pull together an air-tight case. Contact Pursley Law Firm today.

No Two Rideshare Accidents Are Alike

Rideshare companies work on a familiar business model. Typically, people can sign up to work as independent contractors and use their own vehicle to shuttle people around town. Anyone looking for a ride can use the app to request a driver, and then they pay using the app. This is a convenient, contact-less experience for all involved. Rideshare companies differ from taxi cabs in many ways, but the key way is that the driver is not an employee.

Some smaller rideshare companies might disappear tomorrow, but others will sprout up to take their place. This is a very lucrative industry, and people enjoy supplementing their incomes with this type of gig work.

We have helped many people hurt in rideshare collisions:

  • You are a passenger in a rideshare vehicle, which is involved in a collision.
  • You were a pedestrian or motorist on the road who was hit by a rideshare vehicle.
  • You are a passenger in a rideshare vehicle who is assaulted by your driver.

For car accidents, we need to determine fault for the crash. If you are a passenger, your own driver could be to blame for speeding, driving while fatigued, or failing to yield. Or a different motorist on the road could have crashed into you. Fault matters when it comes to submitting a claim for compensation.

A passenger is protected, however, because all rideshare drivers should have minimum insurance. Uber and Lyft, for example, require $1 million in insurance, which will cover an injured passenger. This insurance is also available if an uninsured motorist strikes your car.

Other motorists on the road can also bring compensation claims. The maximum compensation will vary, depending on whether the driver was logged off or had accepted a ride. Someone who hasn’t even logged into the app to look for rides is no different than any other California driver, so you can only sue that driver’s personal insurance.

If you were assaulted by a rideshare driver, then you might have a valid legal claim against the rideshare company. Many of them let drivers on their apps who have criminal records—even prior convictions for sexual assault. You can certainly sue anyone who assaulted you.

How Pursley Law Firm Can Help

Rideshare accidents often involve multiple, sometimes conflicting insurance policies. Accident victims are often in considerable pain and should remain focused on getting the medical care they need. Let our Carlsbad rideshare accident lawyer untangle the facts to determine liability for the accident or assault. Call our law firm to speak with an experienced lawyer.

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