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Attorney Jared Pursley
Carlsbad Personal Injury LawyerCarlsbad Playground Accident Lawyer

Carlsbad Playground Accident Lawyer

Playgrounds have changed over the years, but most schools and many cities continue to have slides, jungle gyms, and teeter totters for children to play on. As you can imagine, young children are injured fairly frequently when they fall or bump their heads.

Pursley Law Firm can assist families whose children are hurt while on a playground. You might be able to sue the school or City of Carlsbad for negligence or for using dangerous playground equipment. Contact our Carlsbad playground accidents lawyer for more information.

Playground Accidents & Injuries

Children can suffer serious injuries when:

  • They fall off playground equipment
  • Playground equipment collapses underneath them
  • They are pushed by another child off equipment
  • Equipment cuts or nicks them

Ultimately, parents want to know if they can sue someone for their child’s medical bills and pain and suffering. The answer is that it depends on the facts. There are certain situations where a school or the city is negligent, and this negligence hurts your child.

Public schools are negligent for:

  • Failing to make necessary repairs to equipment
  • Improperly installing equipment
  • Failing to inspect equipment for defects
  • Buying playground equipment that is inappropriate for young children
  • Failing to supervise children
  • Neglecting to respond to complaints that a child is being aggressive

In a classic accident, some child might push your child off the top of the slide. Your child suffers serious injuries when they hit the ground, such as a concussion and neck injury. Is the school responsible? Possibly—if they had no teachers out during recess or failed to keep a dangerous child inside. Let our legal team review the facts because there is no simple, “yes or no” answer.

Suing the City or a Public School

Carlsbad also maintains playgrounds for use by the public. The city has the same duty to make sure that the equipment is safe for children. That typically means inspecting it, responding to complaints, and installing it properly. The city has no obligation to supervise children, however.

Filing a lawsuit against the City of Carlsbad or a public school is complicated. Generally, you can’t sue them the way you would a private company or private school. There are certain notice requirements you must follow, such as submitting a written claim in a short amount of time. Work with a seasoned personal injury lawyer. If you don’t tick off all the right boxes, you won’t be able to receive compensation.

Putting You And Your Child On The Right Path After A Playground Injury

Most playgrounds today are safe for children. Tragically, though, some children do suffer injuries on hazardous playground equipment. Although many are minor, others are very serious and catastrophic.

I am Carlsbad personal injury lawyer Jared Pursley. At Pursley Law Firm, I help parents, grandparents and other legal guardians throughout Carlsbad, Oceanside, San Marcos and nearby communities recover compensation for children injured on playgrounds.

Why Trust Pursley Law Firm?

Nothing is more important to you than your child. When seeking an attorney, why place your trust in me?

  1. Positive client testimonials.
  2. A record of fair settlements.
  3. Numerous victories in litigation.
  4. Top 40 under 40 by The National Trial Lawyers.
  5. One-on-one attention during every stage of your case.

Helping Injured Children & Their Families

Personal injury cases involving children are unique. There are laws in place to protect children, who are too young to settle their own personal injury claim. Typically, reaching a settlement involves a judge, who must review any settlement and sign off on it. It is vital that parents reach out to an experienced Carlsbad playground accidents lawyer to assist them in negotiations. The last thing you want to do is settle for too little in compensation. You should receive money for medical care, pain, suffering, and your own lost income.

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