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Carlsbad School Accident Lawyer

Children spend so much time at school that parents naturally want them to feel safe. Unfortunately, thousands of children are injured in schools across California each year. Children right here in Carlsbad are also injured in playground accidents, assaults, and slip and falls. If your child was hurt, contact Pursley Law Firm. Our Carlsbad school accident lawyer will listen to you describe the accident, provide legal advice, and get to work immediately if hired.

When Are Schools Negligent?

Schools owe their students a duty of care. Over the years, our firm has held school districts accountable when they have negligently injured their students.

In California, a school district can be liable for:

  • Premises liability accidents. The school property might be dangerous. Students are hurt when floors are not swept, playgrounds fall into disrepair, and the school uses dangerous products.
  • Inadequate supervision. Schools should supervise students so they do not hurt themselves and don’t hurt each other. Many schools lack proper supervision because they do not have enough staff.
  • Teacher negligence. Teachers cannot turn a blind eye to dangers their students face. A teacher should provide appropriate instruction. For example, a chemistry teacher needs to teach students how to properly handle chemicals and Bunsen burners.
  • School bus accidents. A negligent bus driver could crash the bus or even run over a student who has gotten off or is trying to board.
  • Athletic accidents. Your child could be hurt because the field or court is dangerous, or because safety equipment is out of date. A school should also ensure that rules are enforced to protect player safety. Not all injuries are avoidable, especially in contact sports like football. But a district must take reasonable steps to protect student athletes.
  • Teacher abuse or sexual assault. Sexual abuse or violence is regrettably common. Schools are on the hook when a teacher abuses or molests students.
  • Student bullying and assault. Schools must address bullying and physical violence before it escalates to serious injuries.
  • Field trip accidents. A school’s duty of care doesn’t end when they go on a field trip. The school should take reasonable precautions to protect students from abduction, assault, or wandering away from the group.

Suing a public school district is not easy. California has laws in place that minimize the legal liability of public entities like school districts. For example, you typically need to present a written claim within six months. That is a short deadline—much shorter than the usual statute of limitations for a personal injury.  Nonetheless, an experienced lawyer at Pursley Law can jump through all the required hoops to make a valid claim.

We can also sue private schools for the same injuries caused by their negligence. It is easier to sue a private school, although they might claim you signed a waiver limiting their liability. Let us review.

Obtaining Compensation for School Negligence

Your child deserves compensation for their pain and suffering, and you should have a negligent school or district pay for medical care. Schedule a consultation with our Carlsbad school accident attorney at Pursley Law Firm.

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