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Carlsbad Limo Accident Lawyer

Renting a limousine is a right of passage for many high school students attending prom, but also for those getting married. Like any other vehicle, however, a limo can get into a wreck. But because these cars often hold dozens of people, the accidents tend to be serious and even make the news. Pursley Law Firm can help anyone injured in a collision. Contact our Carlsbad limo accident lawyer to review what happened, as well as your legal ability to receive compensation for the crash.

Who is Responsible for Your Limo Accident?

These are usually devastating accidents. Many people in the back of the limo are not buckled in while the car is in motion. Instead, they are usually partying, drinking alcohol, and having a good time. When a limo crashes, passengers can suffer horrifying injuries as they are thrown around.

We dig into the facts and perform a detailed analysis to determine fault for the collision. Typically, one or more of the following people are responsible:

  • Limo driver. Many accidents are the fault of the driver, who took some dangerous action such as speeding, running a red light, tailgating, or failing to check a blind spot before changing lanes.
  • Limo rental company. The rental company has vicarious liability when their drivers cause accidents while working. The limo company might also have independent liability for hiring a dangerous driver without doing necessary background checks or properly supervising them.
  • Limo maintenance company. Some defect on the limo could have led to the accident. For example, a mechanic might have put the brake pads on wrong or failed to notice that an axle was cracked. These defects make the limo dangerous.
  • Other drivers on the road. Another vehicle might have slammed into your limo, causing the collision. That driver is responsible in those situations.

Many victims don’t know who or what caused the accident. That’s fine. One reason to hire an experienced Carlsbad limo accident lawyer is that you can focus on your medical needs and pain management. Let us comb through the facts to determine what happened.

The compensation you can receive will depend on the facts. Limousine companies should have liability policies to cover their vehicles and drivers. You can make a claim for income loss, medical care, and pain and suffering.

Things get trickier when another driver is at fault. This person might not have much liability coverage. California only requires $30,000 in bodily injury coverage when two or more people are hurt. A dozen people could have been injured as limo passengers. We will carefully review the accident to see if we can still access the limo company’s liability coverage, which can increase the pool of money available.

Lean on Our Experience

Pursley Law Firm can immediately represent anyone hurt in a collision. Our firm will take the lead on helping you document your financial losses, and we can negotiate with all relevant insurance companies. Call us today to speak with our Carlsbad limo accident lawyer in a free consultation.

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