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Carlsbad Distracted Driver Accident Lawyer

Driving is a dangerous activity when motorists are not focused on the task at hand. Unfortunately, distractions are everywhere. Many drivers temporarily lose focus or remove a hand from the wheel and, as a result, they cause a collision. Innocent people on the road suffer the consequences of this distraction. Please call Pursley Law Firm if you believe a distracted driver has injured you. It is against the law to drive recklessly, and a distracted driver will owe you compensation for causing a wreck. Let our Carlsbad distracted driver accident lawyer provide more details about whether you can sue in a confidential meeting.

Distracted Driving is Widespread

As the California DMV notes, distractions are involved in about 80% of all car accidents. Distractions make driving more dangerous because they:

  • Remove a hand off the wheel—it’s harder to make a sudden turn with only one hand.
  • Take a driver’s eyes off the road—you can’t avoid hitting something if you can’t see it, and visual distractions are a leading cause of wrecks.
  • Divert a driver’s attention for the task of driving—a driver will make poor decisions when they are thinking about something else.

Many innocent people get plowed over when a distracted driver runs right into them. These are completely avoidable accidents, but we see them almost every day of the week.

Some common distractions include:

  • Cell phones. You can probably guess that phones are a leading cause of distraction. Drivers take their eyes off the road and usually a hand from the wheel to type out a text message. There is evidence that simply reading a text causes cognitive distraction for almost half a minute.
  • Food and drink. Trying to eat a sandwich or unscrew the cap on a bottle of water can interrupt a driver’s attention for several seconds.
  • Animals are at risk of springing into the front seat or wrapping themselves around a driver’s neck. Even an animal acting up in the back seat is a distraction.
  • Any conversation with a passenger will mentally distract a driver. But young children are especially important sources of distraction.
  • Too many people are putting on eyeliner or blush while attempting to drive.
  • Fiddling with the heat or air conditioning can easily distract a driver, as can changing the radio station.

If you believe a distracted driver has struck you, contact a lawyer. Motorists are liable when distractions lead them to drive dangerously. We have sought compensation for our clients in the form of damages for medical care, car damage, pain and suffering, and lost income.

Hold Negligent Motorists Accountable

Our firm is committed to your wellbeing. We have built distracted driving cases against many motorists who caused wrecks and sent our client to the hospital. Call us today to review your legal options. A Carlsbad distracted driver accident lawyer can analyze what evidence is available and strategize ways to strengthen your legal claim. For example, to be successful, we need solid proof the driver was distracted.

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