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Carlsbad Hit & Run Lawyer

California law is very clear that anyone involved in a car accident must stop immediately. This law isn’t optional. Nonetheless thousands of drivers hit the gas and flee the scene before the police can arrive. What can you do? Please contact Pursley Law Firm for assistance. It is possible to seek compensation even if the driver is never found, but the process is complicated. Our Carlsbad hit & run lawyer is happy to provide advice tailored to your case in a free consultation.

Can You Receive Compensation for a Hit & Run?

In the ordinary car crash, all drivers stop their vehicles and swap personal information, including insurance details. You then submit a claim to the other driver’s insurer. If they were at fault for the crash, you should receive money for medical care and other economic losses, as well as money for pain and suffering.

Unfortunately, in a hit and run, the at-fault driver has fled. You can’t sue someone you can’t find. Still, Carlsbad motorists have options for receiving some compensation to defray the cost of the accident:

  • Uninsured motorist coverage. Insurers in California must offer this insurance when you purchase a liability policy to register your car. So long as you don’t decline uninsured coverage, you should have it. This insurance pays compensation for hit and runs provided you are not at fault for the collision. You can seek damages for medical care, income loss, pain and suffering, and similar losses.
  • Collision coverage. You can use collision to pay to fix your car. You probably have collision and comprehensive coverage if you still have a car loan. These benefits are no-fault, which makes it easier to get your claim approved.
  • Medical payments insurance. Many drivers purchase optional medical payments coverage, which will pay for medical care after a car accident without regard to fault.

Also remember to call the police after your crash. Share any information you have about the driver who smashed into you, such as the direction they fled and the color of their car. If you saw the driver’s face, or some of the license plate, then share those details as well. You can sue the driver if the police manage to track them down.

Our legal team will gladly help you understand your options. Making an uninsured motorist claim is more cumbersome than it should be. Some insurers will try to blame you for the crash and deny coverage for that reason. You need to present a claim fully supported with evidence, just as you would if you were suing a driver.

We Are Here to Help You

Hit and run collisions are an outrage. We completely understand the anger you feel. Motorists who strike someone should stop and render assistance, not flee the scene. Please contact Pursley Law Firm. Our Carlsbad hit and run lawyer will do everything possible to seek the maximum compensation available under the law and your insurance policies. We offer a free, no-risk consultation to those who reach out today.

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