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Carlsbad Car Accident Whiplash Lawyer

Car accidents can toss passengers around violently, so whiplash is a common injury. Anyone suffering neck pain immediately after a collision could be suffering from whiplash. This is not a rare injury, and recovery can be grueling. Because of the pain, some people cannot turn their heads for months, which means driving and working suddenly become impossible. Sleep and relaxation could also be elusive while you are dealing with the repercussions of this injury. Please call Pursley Law Firm to speak with our Carlsbad car accident whiplash lawyer about your legal options. In particular, you might have the right to sue the driver who struck you.

We Are Your Carlsbad Whiplash Lawyer

Whiplash is essentially a neck injury affecting soft tissue. Your muscles and tendons get stretched when your head jerks forward in a collision. Symptoms might develop only slowly. Eventually, many motorists experience intense pain and stiffness in their necks. Some cannot move their head at all, which makes it difficult to sleep or do anything.

Pursley Law Firm has developed strategies for assisting those with whiplash. We can ensure you receive the medical care you need. Typically, a doctor will immobilize the neck, but only briefly. Painkillers and other medication help with pain and swelling, and you should limit any strenuous exercise. A key to recovery is massage and the reintroduction of movement.

Many of our clients suffer for months with headaches and pain in their shoulder or arm. These are common consequences of whiplash. You might be unable to work because of the injury.

Whiplash is most common in rear-end collisions. A driver who is tailgating or distracted can’t hit the brakes when you slow down, and they ram the back of your car. Consequently, you are thrown forward. Whiplash is a natural injury for these hit-from-behind crashes. Other car accidents which cause whiplash include T-bones and rollovers.

Our legal team knows how to review all the evidence and bring a claim for whiplash against the at-fault driver. We can seek money to cover the cost of your medical care, as well as replace lost income when you can’t work. Other compensatory damages are tied to the pain, discomfort, and emotional distress that you feel.

Although some whiplash injuries are minor, others require surgery and extensive recovery at home. Never let an insurance company tell you that your neck pain is not worth compensation. And do not accept any settlement until you consult an experienced lawyer who can review all facts. Many of our clients are surprised by the amount of compensation they can receive.

Free Consultations

Before you can put an accident behind you, you need to obtain necessary compensation for your bills. A negligent motorist should cover your damages when their careless actions lead to a collision. Unfortunately, too many drivers dodge responsibility, and some might even try to blame you for the accident. Please reach out to Pursley Law Firm to go over the facts. Our Carlsbad car accident whiplash lawyer will help you think through all possible options, including a settlement, mediation, or a lawsuit.

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