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Carlsbad Personal Injury LawyerBlogMotor Vehicle AccidentsWhat will severe spinal cord injuries cost in your lifetime?

What will severe spinal cord injuries cost in your lifetime?

If you survive a truck accident while driving a passenger vehicle, you can consider yourself lucky. In many cases, these crashes result in death. Even though you survived, you may have come away from the crash with a catastrophic injury.

Spinal cord damage is one of the most debilitating crash injuries victims can experience. They often leave victims partially or even completely paralyzed. As you might expect, the financial expenses you will face after such a devastating injury can affect how you and your family make ends meet in the aftermath of an accident.

What are the lifetime costs associated with spinal cord damage?

You will incur immediate costs from a lengthy hospital stay or surgical procedures. You will also likely be unable to work for some time. The first-year costs of such injuries can range from nearly $350,000 to just over $1 million. Over your lifetime, these costs will continue to mount, leaving you wondering how to support your family.

Below are the estimated lifetime costs of spinal cord injuries. These figures account for both medical and living expenses, not counting lost wages.

  • Paralysis of both arms and legs can cost between $2,596,329 and $3,451,781, depending upon your age and injury severity.
  • Paralysis of both legs can cost between $1,516,052 and $2,310,104, depending upon your age and injury severity.
  • Lesser spinal cord injuries such as incomplete motor functions can range from $1,113,990 to $1,578,274 over the victim’s lifetime.

The need for financial compensation after a semitruck accident damages your spinal cord is nothing less than urgent. By acting as quickly as possible, you and an experienced California injury lawyer can hold the trucker or the trucking company responsible for your harm. In many cases, victims can obtain enough compensation to help them address the lifetime costs of living with a spinal cord injury.

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