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Monthly Archives: April 2024


Obtaining Compensation After a Motorcycle Crash

By Pursley Law Firm |

The collision related death/serious injury rate for motorcycle riders is four times higher (80 percent) than the death/serious injury rate for vehicle occupants (20 percent). As a result, the medical bills for motorcycle crash victims are much higher. Quite frankly, victims need money to pay these bills. Furthermore, these victims need money to put… Read More »

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Top Five Nursing Home Neglect Injuries

By Pursley Law Firm |

Nursing home understaffing, a problem that affects over 90 percent of the long-term care facilities in SoCal, is the underlying cause of nursing home negligence, at least in many cases. Most of us have worked at understaffed facilities and are familiar with the extreme stress these environments cause. Sometimes, nursing home workers vent their… Read More »

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What to Expect in an Electric Scooter Accident Claim

By Pursley Law Firm |

Almost all victims can expect an out-of-court settlement in an electric scooter or other injury claim. About 95 percent of civil claims settle out of court. Finality is probably the biggest advantage of a settlement over a court verdict. Defendants often tie up verdicts in appeals courts, but when a case settles, the defendant… Read More »

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Obtaining Compensation for Personal Injuries in Commercial Buildings

By Pursley Law Firm |

Elevator accidents and falls are among the most common injuries in commercial buildings. These incidents usually cause head injuries and other wounds that are difficult to diagnose and treat. Furthermore, most group health insurance plans exclude injury-related costs. So, a commercial building injury victim might not get the treatment s/he needs and could get… Read More »

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Driver Impairment, Driver Intoxication, and Legal Responsibility

By Pursley Law Firm |

Coronavirus pandemic lockdowns are over, but the long-term effects of these lockdowns may be just beginning. In 2022, for the second consecutive year, alcohol-related crash fatalities increased by over 10 percent. Fewer motor vehicle fatalities was supposed to be one of the pandemic cloud’s silver linings. Instead, the opposite has occurred. This bad habit… Read More »

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Fatal Pedestrian Accident on I-15

By Pursley Law Firm |

A 23-year-old woman, who may have sustained a head injury in a previous single-vehicle crash, is dead after a car hit her immediately south of Temecula. “The Honda crossed over the shoulder and collided with a freeway perimeter chain link fence,” investigators said. “The vehicle traveled through the fence and collided with a hillside… Read More »

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