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Category Archives: Drunk Driver Accident


Victim Options Following an Alcohol-Related Wreck

By Pursley Law Firm |

Coronavirus lockdowns may have reversed the flow in the fight against drunk drivers. Fatal alcohol-related wrecks have increased 14 percent since 2020. Alcohol is an extremely popular party drug that reduces inhibitions (clouds judgment) and relaxes muscles (impairs motor skills). Either effect is dangerous for motorists. For victims, the combination is often deadly. Even… Read More »

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Breaking Down an Alcohol-Related Wreck in California

By Pursley Law Firm |

Before coronavirus pandemic lockdowns, a long-term drunk driver crackdown appeared to be working. The number of alcohol-related car crashes had been slowly, but steadily, declining since the mid 1990s. Drivers began taking more chances, such as drinking and driving, when roads emptied. Usually, bad habits are easy to form and hard to break. Drinking… Read More »

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