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Carlsbad Personal Injury LawyerBlogMotor Vehicle AccidentsIs there a safe time to practice driving?

Is there a safe time to practice driving?

Driving safely requires experience. The best way for teenage drivers to get that experience is in the company of an experienced adult such as their parents.

If your child is at this stage, think carefully about the best time to head out onto the roads and give them that experience. The same applies once they get their full driving license. You might want to restrict where and when they can drive at first.

What roads are safest?

Multi-lane highways with complex intersections require more skill to navigate safely. Start with minor roads, perhaps ones with one or two lanes in each direction. While many of those occur in towns, there are also more pedestrians and cyclists in towns, so starting on a quiet rural road could help eliminate some of those concerns.

What day of the week is best?

A crash can happen anywhere at any time, yet the National Safety Council published data showing the trends to watch out for:

  • More fatal crashes occur on weekends, but more non-fatal crashes occur on weekdays.
  • Mornings are generally safer than the afternoons, with the highest overall number of crashes occurring in the evening rush hour between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. That is when you look at the year as a whole.
  • Peak crash hour is later in summer and spring, from 8 pm until midnight.

Every local road will have unique patterns. For instance, those near schools may be busier around drop-off and pick-up time. Those passing an out-of-town mall may be quieter when the mall is closed.

You cannot protect your child from busy roads forever. However, by gradually building up their exposure, you can ensure they are more prepared when they need to face them.

Despite your caution, the road is still full of other drivers who could put your child at risk. If one of them injures your child in a car crash, find out what legal steps to take.

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