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Drivers must remain focused on the road

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Anyone who has a driver’s license should know that they must remain focused on driving. They can’t let distractions prevent them from driving safely. 

Many campaigns have focused on cellphone usage as a distraction for drivers. While that’s one of the common distractions, there are many others to consider.

What are some common distractions for drivers?

Other occupants of the vehicle can be huge distractions. In some cases, even conversing with them provides a big enough distraction to cause problems. It’s important for all drivers to avoid looking at other people in the vehicle when they’re driving.

Another distraction for drivers is billboard signs. While these roadside ads provide exposure for businesses, a driver can crash if they look at the billboard and don’t pay attention to the road. Instead, count on other occupants of the vehicle to tell you if there’s a business or service you might be interested in. You can look it up when you stop.

Blasting music is another problem for drivers. You need to ensure that you don’t become so engrossed in the music that you forget about driving. Additionally, let someone else control the music, so you aren’t trying to manipulate the controls while you drive.

Victims of distracted driving crashes can face significant injuries. The cost to care for these can be considerable, but there’s no reason for the individual to pay the price themself. Instead, they can opt to pursue a claim for compensation from the driver who struck them. California law has a time limit for these cases, so don’t waste any time after the crash. 

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