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Safety tips for spring motorcycle rides

On Behalf of | May 17, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The spring months are ideal times for motorcyclists to get out and enjoy the beautiful scenery around California. While most motorcyclists are safe riders, there are times when other drivers put them at risk. It’s imperative that motorcyclists and drivers all brush up on the safety tips that can help everyone get to their destination without incident.

There are several things that must be considered before a motorcyclist heads out in the spring. They need to check the motorcycle to ensure it’s functioning as it should. They have to check their helmet and other riding gear to make sure that it’s ready for riding. Brushing up on vital skills is also a good idea.

How can drivers keep motorcyclists safe?

Other drivers can keep motorcyclists safe by watching for them. People often become accustomed to the decrease in motorcycles during the winter months that they don’t really pay attention to them during the spring. The majority of crashes between motorcycles and other vehicles occur because the driver of the other vehicle doesn’t give the due right of way to the motorcyclists.

Paying attention to what’s going on at intersections is also important. This is a dangerous area for motorcycles because there are often obstacles that block the line of sight for drivers. This can mean that they don’t see the small profile motorcycles and slam into them.

Any motorcyclist who’s suffered an injury in a crash with another vehicle should ensure they get the care they need. This can be a costly endeavor, but they might opt to pursue a claim for compensation. Working closely with someone who knows about these cases and prejudices against motorcyclists can help to remove the stress from the situation. 


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