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3 types of distractions drivers face

Distractions can quickly lead to crashes that can kill or injure innocent people. Some drivers think they’re able to multitask while they’re driving, but it’s never acceptable to focus on anything other than the road.

Around 3,000 people are killed by distracted driving crashes each year in this country. That equates to nine deaths per day. Approximately 20% of those deaths were people who weren’t in vehicles.

What kinds of distractions do drivers face?

There are three primary forms of distractions that drivers face. These include cognitive, visual and manual distractions. Some activities encompass all three of these. For example, a person who’s checking a text message does these things:

  • Picks up the phone = a manual distraction
  • Looks at the phone to read the message = a visual distraction
  • Processes the information in the text = a cognitive distraction

It doesn’t take long for a crash to occur when a driver is distracted. A vehicle that’s going 55 miles per hour, which is less than the average interstate speed, travels the length of a football field in five seconds. It takes approximately that long to read a text message.

Texting isn’t the only distraction that’s possible. Some other sources of distractions for drivers include:

  • Reaching for something in the vehicle
  • Looking at passengers during a conversation
  • Taking care of children
  • Looking at billboards
  • Changing the stereo, climate control, or GPS

Anyone who’s injured by a distracted driver should ensure they get proper medical attention. Seeking compensation is likely possible because the crash was due to negligence on the driver’s part. California has time limits for getting these claims filed so victims must act swiftly.

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