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Use caution when shopping this holiday season

The holiday shopping season is always busy. Many people head out to the stores to shop for holiday gifts and meal ingredients. Stores try to keep up with the increased demand by putting out more merchandise.

The additional merchandise and the increased crowds could lead to hazardous conditions. Stores must find ways to keep shoppers and workers safe. Understanding some of the dangers that can creep up may help everyone. Here are four big ones:

1. Falling merchandise

Merchandise on the upper shelves can fall and hit shoppers. Keeping top stock safely positioned and avoiding putting heavy items on shelves above head level can increase safety.

2. Hazardous floor conditions

Spilled liquids or items strewn on the floor can cause shoppers to fall. Any spills should be cleaned quickly and be clearly announced through proper signage. Items dropped on the floor should be picked up immediately. Another hazard is cords running across the floor to power displays, so those should be secured.

3. Violent crowds

Stores will sometimes hold good sales during the holiday season. Crowd control can become a problem at these. A crowd that’s out of control can result in people being trampled or pushed around.

4. Parking lot dangers

Dimly lit parking lots increase the risk of falls and violence in the parking lot. Uneven surfaces can cause shoppers to trip while they’re walking to the store or back to their vehicle.

Anyone who’s suffering from a shopping-related injury, whether that’s a slip and fall or something else, should file an incident report with the store. Seeking medical care is also important so you can have treatment for the injuries. You may also decide to file a compensation claim to help cover the costs associated with the injuries you suffered.

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