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Five Common Causes of Electric Scooter Injuries


Mostly because electric scooter traffic has increased so dramatically, the number of electric scooter injuries has increased over 20 percent since 2022.

These vehicles, which are usually regular scooters with small electric motors, are very common in dense, urban areas like Greater San Diego. They’re a good alternative for covering distances too far to walk but not far enough to drive. They’re also a dangerous alternative, for the reasons outlined below.

No matter what caused an electric scooter injury, a Carlsbad electric scooter accident lawyer can obtain substantial compensation for victims. This compensation usually includes money for economic losses, such as medical bills, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering.

Failure to Wear a Helmet

Probably because they look and feel like regular scooters, almost no electric scooter riders wear helmets. But these vehicles have deceptively powerful engines. So, falls are common, especially if the operator has little experience. Furthermore, in a collision with a vehicle, electric scooter riders have little or no protection.

In California, the failure to wear a helmet could affect liability (responsibility for the crash) and damages (amount of compensation). So, the law is a double whammy for victims.

However, the helmet defense only holds up in court if the insurance company proves the failure to wear a helmet, as opposed to the tortfeasor’s (negligent driver’s) negligence, substantially caused injury. Usually, the motion of a wreck, not a trauma impact, causes head injuries.

Defective Product

In the rush to produce as many electric scooters as possible, many manufacturers take shortcuts during the design or production process.

Design flaws in e-scooters include inadequate steering, thin wheel, dim or non-existent warning likes, like a taillight, and small standing platforms. Manufacturing defects usually involve cheap, imported parts that wear out too quickly or otherwise don’t properly do the job.

Usually, manufacturers are strictly liable for injuries that their defective products cause. Usually, because electric scooter producers are so wealthy, a Carlsbad personal injury lawyer can obtain additional punitive damages in these cases as well.

Poorly Maintained Product

E-scooters are usually parked and stored outdoors, where they’re completely exposed to the elements. Furthermore, although these vehicles must withstand considerable wear and tear, safety inspections are few and far between.

The responsibility to make safe products is an ongoing responsibility. Until the product becomes someone else’s property, such as an individual buyer or a retailer, the manufacturer’s safety responsibility continues.

Driver Error

Over 98 percent of the e-scooter and other vehicle collisions in California are caused by driver error. Driver errors, like aggressive driving and impaired operation, are usually negligence, or a lack of care.

In the e-scooter context, aggressive driving is usually a failure to property look out for e-scooter riders or share the road with them. Alcohol is the most common source of operator impairment, followed by fatigue and drug use, mostly marijuana use.

Unsafe Roadway

E-scooters need safe spaces. These vehicles are too large and fast to ride on sidewalks, and they aren’t large and fast enough to operate in regular traffic lanes. City planners and other such officials could be liable for e-scooter crash damages if they fail to design or maintain safe roads for everyone, including e-scooter riders.

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