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How can cyclists protect themselves from truck accidents?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

There are fewer greater contrasts than that between a bicycle and a large truck. Bicycles are one of the smallest vehicles on the road, with trucks being one of the largest. Consequently, the consequences of a truck hitting a cyclist can be catastrophic.

Thus, it seems important to examine ways in which a cyclist could prevent collisions with trucks. Outlined below are some useful methods that can help protect cyclists:

Pay attention to braking and stopping distances

Due to its substantial weight and size, a truck typically requires a much longer stopping distance compared to smaller vehicles. Research shows that a larger truck can travel 600 yards before being able to stop. This is the approximate length of two football fields.  

One way in which a cyclist can prepare for this is to give trucks adequate space when passing. Avoiding cutting in front of trucks could help to prevent a collision. Furthermore, the responsibility to stop quickly could fall on you as a cyclist. Therefore, you should ensure that your brakes are well-maintained and always in working order.

Avoid blind spots

All motor vehicles have blind spots. However, these are accentuated with larger trucks. It is always best to assume that a truck driver has not seen you. You can gain a better idea of their visibility by checking to see if you can spot them in their rear-view mirrors. However, it is always best to stay cautious and assume that you are not visible to them.

The rear end of a truck is especially dangerous for cyclists. As a result, it is beneficial never to get too close, and to avoid trucks that are backing up.

Knowing how to protect yourself as a cyclist will keep you safe. Also, understanding the law relating to road accidents can safeguard your legal rights.

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