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Serious injuries that may result from tractor-trailer crashes

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Tractor-trailers are very large rigs that can cause significant damage to other cars and trucks on the roads. This can lead to significant injuries for the occupants of the other vehicle. Drivers of these big rigs must ensure that they’re driving safely. 

In some instances, the trucker might be driving safely when something else goes amiss. Because of all the variables that can occur in these crashes, determining the cause of the wreck is important so victims can pursue an insurance claim against the correct motorist. 

What else causes big rig crashes?

Besides trucker error or negligence, these crashes may be caused by equipment failures. Equipment failures can lead to the trucker being unable to control the rig. For example, if the brakes aren’t working, then the truck can’t stop and might slam into another vehicle. 

Other drivers may cause crashes if they dart out in front of the trucker. It’s also possible that the weather or improperly secured loads may also cause wrecks.

When and where are these crashes most common?

While tractor-trailer wrecks can occur anywhere and anytime, they’re most likely to occur during the day and either in rural areas or on major roads. Weekends are also a prime time for these crashes. 

Victims of tractor-trailer crashes may require long-term medical care for catastrophic injuries. Filing a compensation claim can help to offset the associated costs. These claims have to be filed within two years of the wreck, according to California law. An exception is possible if the injury wasn’t found right away. Delayed discovery of the injury starts the clock at the time of discovery. In that case, there is a one-year time limit for filing the claim. 

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