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Facial scarring leads to life-long challenges

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

There are many injuries that can occur in a crash. Burns are lacerations are possible. While these can be serious anywhere on the body, they’re often catastrophic when they occur to the face. They leave the possibility that the victim will have to deal with facial scarring for life

Having to deal with facial scarring can cause significant challenges for a person. Many people don’t understand that they shouldn’t stare at someone who has this type of disfigurement. While it shouldn’t happen, some may find that employers won’t hire them because of their scars. 

Treatments are sometimes possible

Dermatological treatments can sometimes reduce the appearance of facial scarring. These include options like facial peels and dermabrasion. They aren’t appropriate for all cases, so each person who suffers from scars on the face should check with their medical team to see what might work for them.

These treatments are fairly expensive, and they likely aren’t covered by insurance because they’re often classified as cosmetic. That’s why many people with facial injuries pursue a claim for compensation to help them with the expenses that come with this type of injury. 

People who are involved in a car crash and end up with injuries to the face will likely need extensive medical care. They may also have to deal with significant social impacts. The financial damages will likely be considerable, so they may choose to seek compensation from the liable parties. This must be done within a specific time that’s set by California law, so swift action after the crash is critical.  

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