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The correlation between spinal injuries and mental health

Before your spinal injuries, life was probably very different. Your social life was vibrant, and you were hitting milestones in your career. However, all that came crumbling down following a car crash where you suffered severe spinal injuries. It’s a situation many spinal injury victims find themselves in, which may bear down on their mental health.

Studies have long proven that severe spinal injury victims are more prone to mental health issues. But, what exactly causes or exacerbates such psychiatric conditions?

The loss of independence

Previously, you could do everything by yourself – work, pay bills, or even take a shower. However, the spinal injuries may have made you entirely dependent on another person for even the most basic tasks. Additionally, you may not have the ability to continue working, which means you lose financial independence.

These factors can make you feel helpless, leading to depression or other mental issues.


A severe spinal injury can leave you bedridden for months, and even when you recover from physical injuries, your mobility may be affected. It means that you have to give up some of the things you love doing. For example, if you were into mountain climbing or skiing, it might no longer be possible to go out there and enjoy yourself.

Your circle of friends is also likely to change given that you may no longer have mutual interests or activities, unlike before.


Some spinal injuries may have permanent effects, leading to feelings of hopelessness. As much as situations can change and you can still lead a more fulfilling life, it may not be so clear from the beginning. This can lead to mental health issues since you may feel like you don’t have much to look forward to in life.

While professional counseling may help you accept the reality, it is crucial to have a positive mindset that your situation will improve. Notably, the path to recovery also involves getting the justice you deserve if another party is responsible for your injuries. Compensation will help you adjust to your new lease of life and take your mind off constantly worrying about the financial end of things.

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