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Slip-and-fall accidents are a leading cause of spinal injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2022 | Slip And Falls

Many situations can lead to slip-and-fall accidents. While some of these accidents are unavoidable, most are caused by hazards that can be fixed. Back injuries involving the spinal cord are particularly common.

If you are hurt in a slip-and-fall accident that is attributable to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation through a premises liability lawsuit. 

How do slip-and-fall accidents lead to spinal cord injuries?

As the slip-and-fall victim lands on their back, they may fracture, crush, dislocate or compress one or more discs of the vertebrae. It can also happen when a sharp object penetrates and cuts the spinal cord during the impact. 

Additional damage to the spinal cord can happen following the inflammation, swelling, bleeding or fluid accumulation within the spinal cord. 

Here are the two types of spinal cord injuries that you can sustain during a slip-and-fall accident:

  • Complete spinal cord injuries: If you sustain a complete spinal cord injury, your brain may lose the ability to relay motor and sensory signals below the injured region. As a result, you might become paralyzed below the injured spot.
  • Incomplete spinal cord injuries: An incomplete spinal cord injury develops following a mild trauma to the spinal cord during a fall. An incomplete spinal cord injury may result in a condition known as triplegia. 

A slip-and-fall accident can turn your life upside down at the snap of your fingers. Knowing your rights and obligations after the accident can help you pursue the compensation you deserve from the liable party. 

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