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Carlsbad Personal Injury LawyerBlogDog BitesWhy tethered dogs outside could still pose a threat

Why tethered dogs outside could still pose a threat

Most people understand that a loose dog poses a risk. Depending on the breed of the animal and the person involved, the dog may be faster and stronger than the human it wants to attack.

On the other hand, a dog tethered to someone’s property may not seem to pose much of a risk. Delivery professionals and visitors may think nothing of approaching a front door when there is a dog tied up in the yard or on the porch.

They may not realize that they could still get hurt if the animal tries to attack them.

Tethered animals can break free or move quickly

A tethered animal may feel desperate, territorial or aggressive, which is one reason why California has strict rules about tethering an animal or tying it up outside. Tethering an animal should only be done for short periods, if at all.

Unfortunately, many owners leave dogs tied up alone and unsupervised for hours. These animals may lunge at any person who approaches them. Sometimes, they may be strong enough to pull out of their tethers. Other times, the length of rope or chain restraining them may be much longer than people expect.

If a dog tied up outside can reach you when you enter the yard, then it could as easily injure you as a dog running loose in a public space. Thankfully, the strict liability laws for dog bites in California will protect you by giving you the right to seek compensation if an animal turns vicious and attacks you.

Learning more about when a dog may pose a safety risk can help you minimize your chances of getting injured because of a bite.

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