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Speeding truckers put everyone at risk

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2022 | Truck Accidents

Drivers throughout California share the road with semitrucks that are often fully loaded. These enormous, heavy vehicles are vital to the economy but also a hazard. Truckers must ensure they’re always driving safely, so they aren’t putting themselves and others at risk. This includes only driving when they’re rested and following proper safety protocol and trucking regulations.

There are several things that truckers might do that are highly unsafe. One of these is speeding. The speed limits on this nation’s roads are the highest safe speeds when perfect conditions are perfect. If it’s raining or foggy, or inclement in any manner, the highest speed that’s safe is lower. 

Control and maneuverability issues for speeding trucks

Truckers who are speeding don’t have the reaction time that’s present when they’re driving at the speed limit. They may not be able to keep the semitruck stable through curves and lane shifts. These situations can lead to the trucker crashing into another vehicle because they don’t have the control they need over the rig. 

Truckers also have to think about the increased stopping distance at higher speeds. Even in ideal conditions, these large vehicles take a considerable distance to stop. At 65 miles per hour, a truck that’s fully loaded will take approximately two football field lengths to stop. It’s even longer than that if the trucker is going faster. 

The injuries you suffer if a semitruck slams into you will require extensive medical care. Find out everything you can about how to pursue the compensation that’s fair.

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