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4 ways a slip-and-fall accident can hurt your knees

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2022 | Slip And Falls

Most slip-and-fall accidents only injure your pride, but that doesn’t mean they are all harmless. Nearly everyone underestimates the potential harm a fall can cause the human body.

If you hit your head or land on your back, you might suffer severe head or spinal cord trauma. More commonly, slips and falls result in knee injuries that could impact your mobility.

Torn ligaments

Those who follow sports know the damage a torn knee ligament can cause. Such tears are often sports-related but can also happen in a bad fall. Surgery and rehabilitation are usually necessary to regain the use of the knee.

Torn tendons

When tears are small or partial, patients may recover with minimal treatment. However, large or complete tears typically require surgical intervention. These tears can happen if you fall and hit the floor in an awkward position.

Torn meniscus (cartilage)

A hard fall can lead to torn cartilage in the knee. Many of these tears heal without an operation. However, patients who continue experiencing pain and swelling may need to undergo surgery.

Dislocated knee

A dislocated knee is quite serious and typically requires urgent medical intervention. 

These slip-and-fall injuries also come with a risk of post-injury complications like nerve and blood vessel damage. If complications arise, victims should seek immediate medical care.

Property owners must ensure their premises are reasonably free of hazardous conditions that could injure visitors and customers. When they fail to do so, victims with slip-and-fall injuries may have grounds to seek financial compensation.

A successful claim under California injury compensation laws ensures you obtain the funds necessary to pay for your medical treatment.

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