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What to Know About Rear-End Accidents


While driving on I-5 in Carlsbad, you’re bound to come into traffic. With a lot of cars on the road, auto accidents are bound to happen. When cars are moving at a snail’s pace, the most common type of accident is a rear-end crash.

Rear-end accidents are the most common type of car crash. They are most likely to occur due to tailgating. When drivers are in a hurry, they may follow other vehicles too closely and drive aggressively. In congested traffic conditions, vehicles may stop suddenly. Because of this, motorists must allow for these sudden stops by maintaining a safe driving distance. Even if a driver in front slams on their brakes, the driver in the rear is still responsible for maintaining a safe driving distance.

Rear-end accidents can also be caused by distracted driving, drunk driving, and fatigue. In any case, drivers need to be alert and focused on the road at all times.

Who is At Fault?

You may have heard that the driver in the rear is always at fault for rear-end accidents. Is this true? For the most part, yes. This is because the driver in the rear has a duty to maintain a safe driving distance. They must leave plenty of space between themselves and vehicles in front. The vehicle in front could slow down or stop at any time, so the vehicle in the rear cannot be tailgating.

However, there are exceptions in which the driver in front could be considered liable for the crash. Some examples include:

  • The front driver made an illegal stop.
  • The driver in the front vehicle was driving recklessly.
  • The front driver was “brake checking,” or intentionally slamming on the brakes with the purpose of getting you to hit them or take evasive action.
  • The front driver drove in reverse for no reason.
  • The front driver backed out into the other vehicle

Common Injuries 

Rear-end accidents can cause a wide range of injuries, including the following:

  • Whiplash is the most common injury. It occurs when the impact of the crash causes your head to jerk back and forth. Whiplash can cause serious muscle and nerve damage. Most people who suffer a whiplash injury will experience neck pain for longer than a week. Half of these victims may have soreness for more than a year.
  • Back pain. Back pain is another common injury. Back strains and sprains are common soft tissue injuries that can cause pain, cramping, and decreased range of motion.
  • Slipped disc. Your spine is made up of vertebrae as well as rubbery cushions stacked on top of one another called discs. Discs have a soft middle that can become slipped or herniated when the core falls out of place. This can cause pain, numbness, tingling, or muscle weakness.

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Rear-end accidents are common, accounting for a third of all accidents. While they don’t usually cause fatalities, they can cause serious injuries.

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